Many of us have a great deal of stress in our lives. When we have the time, we try to relax, but, while we may look relaxed, our muscles are still tense and often knotted.  Nothing relieves this tension better than a massage.  A massage helps heal, rejuvenate, and relax a weary body.  Let relaxation become a reality.  Enjoy a massage.  Your body will be glad you did.  To find the massage that's right for you, please click on Services.  Like us on facebook to stay up to date on what we are up to. 

Come see my studio space at:  4151 US 20. Castleton. 

I am proud to offer on line appointment booking.  You can now click on book an appointment to book on line, request a session to book via e-mail, or call or text me at 518-542-4731.